The History of Zero-Turn Mowers

Zero-Turn mowers are favourites among landscapers and homeowners. They offer the convenience of reaching out to the uncut areas at the end of your yard. With their extensive cutting decks and exceptional cutting speed, they swirl on their axis to ensure no part is left untrimmed for that perfect look. With a Zero-turn Mower and its leading technology, you can swiftly mow around trees and paths with absolute ease and confidence.

There’s a wide variety of established Zero-Turn lawnmowers in Australia including the Parklander and GrasshopperChallenger series from Parklands.

Get the edge on your lawn care with a Zero-Turn mower that comes with the follow attributes

  • Permanency –a sturdy frame and a powerful engine that won’t let you down. This combination will allow you to handle the gravest mowing with ease.
  • Driver Comfort – A lawnmower that is designed for operator comfort is a good pick. Go for the foam-cushioned mowers with shock absorbing footrests, which will offer the driver comfort while mowing
  • Wide Rear Wheels – Wide rear wheels apply less pressure on the lawn surface. Thus the grass is flattened less which makes it more convenient to cut.  The larger footprint gives a better ride and is safer on slopes.

Perfect for Commercial or Personal Use – A Zero-Turn commercial mower or one for personal use must be of high-quality and engineered to handle small or heavy-duty mowing smoothly and without much effort. Mowing will be easy then as you only cut through lawn areas without having to trim into tight places.

How did the zero-turn Mower evolve?

  • 1949:  Warrensberg, MO resident Max Swisher invents the very first commercially available Zero-Turn mower and calls it the “Ride King.” It sports a three-wheel machine – one in the front and two in the rear. The front wheel is used as the drive wheel and it can turn 360 degrees. The wheel is powered by the motor in the same direction100 % of the time. In  case you want to reverse or use the zero-turn feature, the driver will steer the wheel 180 degrees to change course
  • 1963:  John Regier as an employee of Hesston Corporation, a manufacturer of farm and agricultural equipment incorporates the ‘counter rotation process’ into lawnmowers. He was inspired when he saw this process functioning in his company’s device called the swather. Once he invented the lawnmower that operated on a zero-turn radius, he tried selling them, but the market wasn’t ready for the new technology. He sold the Regier patent to Hesston which eventually became Excel Industries—parent company of Hustler Turf. The first mower with zero-turn technology was called ‘the Hustler’.
  • 1969: Grasshopper Mowers introduces the first commercially viable Zero-Turn mower
  • 1974:  Dixon coins the term “zero-turn-radius” with their entrance into the mower market
  • In 1997: Robert D. Davis Jr. obtains the United States Patent 5644903 for a new steering control he has invented for a zero- turn radius mower, based on eight previous patents

The zero-turn mower is here to stay! To cut down on your mowing time, opt for one. You must speak to a mowing expert soon.


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