Can Hedge Trimmers Cut Through Fountain Grasses?

Fountain grasses (also called pennisetum) are mound-forming ornamental grasses that look great and are easy to care for. This plant’s cascading leaves form a fountain-like appearance, thus its name. They grow in clumps or mounds so they don’t become invasive. This evergreen perennial can add much needed interest and texture to your landscaping and can be used alone as specimen plants or as borders, alongside other perennials. Worried about maintenance? Don’t be. The right petrol hedge trimmers make it very easy to maintain fountain grasses. Trimmers and be purchased online from stores that also sell lawn mowers Australia.

The wonderful thing about fountain grasses is that they don’t need regular cutting back. You only really need to trim them if they have sustained damage or if you notice some of the blades starting to turn brown. High quality petrol hedge trimmers (which you can buy from leading manufacturers and suppliers of lawn mowers Australia) are more than up to the task of trimming fountain grasses.


Petrol powered hedge trimmers feature toothed or serrated blades, which are highly suitable for cutting through this type of plant. Be careful, though—make sure that the grass doesn’t get stuck to the blade, because this can prevent the blade from cutting properly. When used incorrectly, the blades might also end up pulling and shredding the grass instead of cutting right through it.


If this becomes a problem, try using a handheld electric trimmer instead. It will still present the same binding problems that a larger petrol powered hedge trimmer does, but it will be easier to control. A smaller trimmer may make more even cuts.


It’s normal for the fountain grass to look a bit haggard after cutting. Don’t worry—it should grow back quickly and become thicker than ever. Any uneven cuts will be covered right up. That said, if you really want to avoid the haggard look, forgo the trimmer altogether and use handheld hedging shears instead. A high quality one can slice through the grass blades with ease.


Here’s a final tip: Cut your fountain grass back only when it is dormant. Make sure that all warm months are over. Autumn is a good time to do this. If you really want to be on the safe side, wait until spring, when frost season is over and has no chance of kill off new growth. For the best rejuvenation, cut your fountain grass back to between six and ten inches from the ground.


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