How to Store and Winter-Proof Your Outdoor Power Equipment Properly

A pre-winter check and tune-up can do wonders to the health and upkeep of your Parkland outdoor power equipment. Good maintenance of your lawn equipment can help you save a great deal on repairs and keep you from having to look at a new lawn mower to buy every time your machine fails to survive the cold weather. Here are some tips on keeping your outdoor power equipment in the best shape through winter:


  • To help your Parkland outdoor power equipment recover from the abuse it went through during the warmer months, it’s good to do some end of season upkeep to make sure that all of its parts are kept in top shape and working condition, even as they go into hibernation for the entirety of the cold season. Before storing your equipment for the winter, it is important that you replace spark plugs, check upon the air filters, change oil, and apply some elbow grease to its grimy recesses. All these can help ensure that your equipment will rev up with a single pull of the cord the next time you need them.

  • Emptying the gas tank before winter rolls is critical because unused gas that is left sitting in your mower can get stale and gum up your machine’s carburettor. This invite rust, which is cancer to your Parkland outdoor power equipment. Remember to disconnect the machine’s spark plug before doing any other maintenance checks and performing routine cleaning on your lawn mower so as to prevent it from accidentally kick-starting, which may lead to very serious injury.

  • It is also important to clean the under carriage of your mower with a wire brush or a putty knife so remnants of grass and mud won’t damage your mower deck while in storage. By keeping the nooks and crannies of your mower clean, you prevent rust, while also clearing out the passageways of the machine.

  • Changing the air filter for your Parkland outdoor equipment is also an important step in any routine upkeep. Dirty and clogged air filter keeps your engine from burning fuel efficiently. When air is restricted, proper combustion is difficult to achieve. Replace paper filter or wash out a sponge filter with soap and water to help clear out air passageways. This will help your machine rev up more quickly the next time you take it out for a run.

  • Finally, replace the spark plug to keep the machine running in its top performance.

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